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The largest of the United States Virgin Islands, known as St. Croix, lies at 17°45′N 64°45′W, and is situated at the easternmost point in the United States of America. With an area of  82.88 square miles, St. Croix features magnificent beaches, world-class recreation, fine dining, casinos, and golf courses.  Roughly 23 miles long and 8 miles wide, the terrain is laid out in rolling, bushy hills and grassy plains. A road trip across the island seems quicker than the 35 minutes averaged for a journey by vehicle because the island is developed largely along the main roads, like other islands in the West Indies.

Thoroughly diverse and always charming, the drive reveals the east end to be quite hilly and steep, as are certain rainforest areas to the west and southeastern coasts. Many areas were cultivated as farmland across the island and plantation era ruins are prominent in the landscape. Both restorations and ruins stand as reminders of the island’s colonial past, having developed under seven flags, under seven different nations throughout its modern history.


photo courtesy of USVI Department of Tourism

Prehistorically, the island was inhabited by indigenous groups including Arawak and Taino until November 14, 1493, with the dramatic arrival of Christopher Columbus at Salt River. Subsequently the island was claimed by Spain, the Netherlands, the Knights of Malta, and Great Britain, who traded it to France in 1650. France sold the island to Denmark-Norway and the Danish West India Company.  By 1916, Denmark had sold the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John to the United States with the Treaty of the Danish West Indies. St. Croix remained an agricultural powerhouse until the 1960s, but like many other Caribbean islands today, the economy is now based largely on the many tourism activities and facilities available across the island.

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In addition to many car rental companies and taxi services available in town, there are a number of private taxi bus vans running a route from Frederiksted to Christiansted for a flat rate of $2.50, regardless of where riders get on or off. Inquiries for private taxi services can be made at the front desk.


island culture

Capture the culture of St Croix, and you will never forget the excitement~

photo courtesy of USVI Dept of Tourism


Experience the unique culture of St. Croix through its arts, crafts, music and more during a variety of festivals and cultural events throughout the year. But these are only a few of the things you can enjoy on St. Croix. St. Croix provides gorgeous beaches, world-class recreational activities, fine dining, casino, and golf.

Visiting just the two main towns of Saint Croix will give you a glimpse of the island’s incredible history—from regal 18th and 19th-century homes in Christiansted to a tropical rain forest in Frederiksted.

The boardwalk features many restaurants, bars and a newly opened casino at Hotel Caravelle, just adjacent to Club Comanche | Hotel St Croix. Several times a year, throughout the town of Christiansted, there is a nighttime cultural festival known as a Jump-Up where Club Comanche and Comanche Mill play a key role as the center of cultural activity.

When you are ready to explore the island, contact the front desk staff or U.S.V.I. Department of Tourism at 800-372-USVI or visit